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Mapeo de Bordes Porosos

Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira present an artistic experiment in

boundary crossing at a time

of extraordinary border-control/

                                               Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira presentan un experimento artístico en el cruce de fronteras en un momento de extraordinario control de fronteras

Website Design and Project Documentation by

Alys Longley

This blog began on the day that New Zealand went into full quarantine against COVID 19, and as Santiago was preparing to do the same. Artists Alys Longley and Máximo Corvlán-Pincheira have been working between New Zealand and Chile since 2017, along with dance artist Macarena Campbell-Parra, on performance-installation-video that explores mapping intangible borders in relation to geopolitics, power, the relations between singular and collective bodies and poetic/ performative/artistic actions. This blog holds tracings from an openended collaborative process, curated together in the time of COVID-19 in the wake of the social movement in Chile. When we began working together in Chile in 2017, we were interested in mapping porous borders, but we could never have imagined how both Chile and then our globe were on the verge of being rewritten….


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We explore the poetics of moving with, across distance / forms of being together, despite conditions of separation and isolation/ paradoxes of protection and control / in Chile to wear a handkerchief over your mouth was made illegal in an attempt to prevent outbreaks of social resistance but now pańuelas are needed to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 / we are mapping such paradoxes/ we are experimenting with moving with when our borders are literally closed / we are measuring momentum pathways of toxicity and hope/ we sit together, on two sides of the Pacific Ocean, hanging out with our families and holding our futility close/ Alys pulls furniture over the door to make a little border for her daughters, to create an outbreath of quiet in the tidal roll of the day/ the same daughter whose first words that morning were “Mummy, is there anything in the world that is small to a germ?”

Macarena Campbell-Parra, Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira
in Mapeo De Bordes Porosos, 2018. Photographs: Gabby O'Connor and Jeffrey Holdaway
Macarena Campbell-Parra, Alys Longley and Máximo 
Corvalán-Pincheira in Mapeo de Bordes Porosos/ 2018
Photographs: Gabby O'Connor/Jeffrey Holdaway

bodies are simultaneously  

singluar & collective

Mapping the Grand March, Santiago, October 2019, Photograph:Augusto Dominguez
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