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writing experiments from creative process      

                  alys longley

where donde the el singular cuerpo singu

Something about calculation


something about the things that evade


that ceaselessly evade calculation


and the stuff you need to be able to count

for the communicating of a situation, for the noticing of a situation,


but you can't quite





this spill of crossing out of dignity and into




it is excessive


and it is exceeding


all you can do is helplessly register the excess

these cascading states of emergency

the cut between the banal and the extraordinary


the unforseeable distances 

the city as a petri dish

for change

where the singular and collective bodies are just so deeply confused

as to be indistinguishable


donde los cuerpos singulares y colectivos están tan profundamente confundidos como para ser indistinguible


the state that we are exhaled by place

el estado en que nos exhala el lugar


We stand in for others, we're

Defendemos a los demás, somos


thrust inside alien languages.  We

empujado dentro de lenguas extrañas. Nosotros


embody a population.

encarnar una población.

The only words available

Las únicas palabras disponibles


are produced by this deeply singular set of interior bruises

son producidos por este conjunto de contusiones interiores profundamente singulares


this particular organisation of veins.

Esta organización particular de las venas.

Your train eloped with all the carbon

tu tren se escapó con todo el carbono


it left this intangible distance in its wake

dejó esta distancia intangible a su paso


it left again and again

se fue una y otra vez


always late

siempre tarde


always a metonymy

siempre una metonimia


Extracellular punctuation, singular rules crossing continents, bound for misapplication

Puntuación extracelular, reglas singulares que cruzan continentes, con destino a una aplicación incorrecta


balloon blooms/

flores de globos /


epic sharing

intercambio épico


across the other countries we all are

en todos los demás países todos somos

The crest of time between us travels in tipping points


we need salt for our hearts to continue their baselines


Language becomes vibration


the relays to which we are accustomed slow and shred


our voices crest across auditory canals and circles of narrative


are spooling, we can't tell the difference


between injury and motion


the trajectory is clear in its swell


but not its equation


and this is a mathematics that can't really be measured


it's a tidal thing


these felt numbers


creasing and pushing the shared pumps of our collective body,


somewhere quite elseward


somewhere quite else

                                                            All the things we haven’t said


We haven’t talked about the drawn-out political negotiations between the governments of Peru and Chile, over who owns a triangle of ocean, marked out in the sand, and filmed from above.


We haven’t talked about this performance as a kind of mapping of intangible things, things that are too complicated to say directly, things that perhaps can only be addressed through evocation and suggestion.


We haven’t talked about the role of artistic practices in creating ethnographies that resist the colonial imperative of clarity.


We haven’t talked about the demarcation of nation states as the result of political games of chance.


We haven’t talked about collaborating across oceans and sharing ideas via Google Translate, how we have made the possibility of collaboration come alive despite not having all the words we need to carry all the things we want to say.


There are so many things we haven’t said explicitly, but instead we have offered you a series of fragments,


a series of presencings –   moments born from reflecting on the lines between and the lines that join,    the mesh works that cross date lines and oceans,


embodied by no one, possessed by no one,


that bind us and separate us in the wash of time.

the other country that you are/este otro pais que tu eres


these bacterial forces that feel like emotions/estas fuerzas bacterianas que se sienten como emociones


and move us in bewildering riptides, weaving a mesh of routes through a mesh of cities| y nos movilizan desconcertados por la corriente, tejiendo una red de rutas a traves de una red de ciudades


where the singular and collective bodies are just so deeply confused

as to be indistinguishable| donde el cuerpo singular y el cuerpo colectivo estan tan profundamente confundidos que ya no se pueden distinguir


the state that we are exhaled by place

el estado en que nos exhala el lugar


 / We stand in for others/

/ Representamos a los demás


we wonder if the logic of bullets has formed our grammar /

/ nos preguntamos si la lógica de las balas ha formado nuestra gramática


which now needs urgent medical attention/ from student doctors wearing makeshift medic uniforms/ we break the language a little with the sound of pans and spoons, endlessly calling us/  untethered  / together


/ que ahora necesita atención médica urgente / de estudiantes médicos que usan uniformes médicos improvisados ​​/ rompemos un poco el lenguaje con el sonido de sartenes y cucharas, llamándonos sin cesar / sin ataduras / juntos

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