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is a project about poetics, touch and constant movement 

simultaneously a game, a conversation log, and a poem (of sorts)

each text is a one-of-a-kind cyanotype print

and each time a new print is made the text is revised and rewritten

so the materiality of printmaking shifts the practice of making a poem


a poem made out of the process of cyanotype printing

listening to handwriting, handwriting to printing

printing to holding


can the the materiality of printmaking author a poem?


could a poetic body fall out of language? 

a text in constant movement

literally printed by the weather

piece by piece/ game pieces


ordered by the taste of the reader

designed to be held

the feeling of the card in your hands is the poem

a poem just formal shapes it doesn’t mean anything

a poem of writing actual words, an poem of writing down actual conversations

a poem that is a translation from one language to another

the water developing the words is the poem

the chalk coming off in your hands is the poem

conversations and lists come off a deck of cards, the turning

of cards over in your hands is the poem

your skin to this texture, this moment of temperature

a very specific and singular set of blues is the poem

the fact of each card being developed by sunlight

then hung with the washing

on the line to dry is the poem chemical reactions 

between light and paper are the poem

a chemistry of brightness and clouds

a language of movement, everything moving

a poem just of touch, just of brightness, just of wash

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