radio strainer

Radio Strainer is an interdisciplinary performance research project sited in choreographic practice, which pivots around the movement of ideas between forms and languages and moments in a more-than-human world. In which translation – or more accurately mis- translation – forms both content and method.

The kinesthetic archive project experiments with how the mobile, textured, abstract and kin- esthetic thinking that occurs in performance research might be articulated through differ- ent kinds of writing practices. The artist book performs a series of page works that emerged through one year’s worth of choreographic practice in different settings - including somatic workshops, rehearsals for theatre work, and practice sessions with various artists. Abstract qualities that are central in practice-led research such as felt affect, physical tone, texture, space, intuitive sensing and the porousness of touch are evoked through a poetic written register that also attends to the choreography and materiality of the page. The accompany- ing essay discusses practice-led and critical issues that contextualized the creative process of choreographic writing. Writing has been cast as monstrous – or at least violent – in its abil- ity to disfigure, maim and destroy the life of live arts. Yet for many performance practitioners, writing is an integral part of studio-based processes, a necessary form of reflection and a site for creative experimentation and planning. This project explores writing that is coextensive with dance practice, in relation to critical theory that engages with writing as performance.