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An artistic experiment in border crossing at a time of extraordinary border control

Un experimento artístico en el cruce de fronteras en un momento de extraordinario control de fronteras


Post Project

Proyecto dos: un mapa que trae artistas, de

Diferentes partes del mundo, en contacto

Cada artista hace una intervención en el mapa y lo envía


Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira - Map Plan

Valeria Conte Mac Donell (Argentina)

 On the Pores of the World - Conquest. 

11 July 2020

Alys envía un sobre a Máximo en Chile, desde el buzón de su vecindario, para probar suavemente las fronteras y el movimiento a través de ellas, el 10 de abril de 2020.


20 de abril de 2020

Barrio Yungay Santiago, Chile - Beach Haven, Auckland, Nueva Zelanda


Analogue +Digital Map Intervention from Paul Hughes,  Nottingham, UK, 23 May 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 10.09.25 AM

Analogue+Digital Map Intervention from Linda Knight, Melbourne, Australia, 24 May 2020

Proyecto tres: una economía del regalo

Cinco sobres viajan a cinco países del mundo cada uno (25 en total), con papel de artista en blanco dentro. Los artistas están invitados a contribuir con cualquier tipo de mapeo / escritura / dibujo / notación / en el papel, y pueden optar por tomar un papel hecho por otro. Fotografían su contribución y envían la imagen digital al proyecto Mapeo de Bordes Porosos antes de enviarla.

Envelopes created for the Mapeo de Bordes project by watercolour artist by Jeffrey Holdaway

an artistic experiment in boundary crossing at a time of extraordinary border-control

un experimento artístico en el cruce de  fronteras en un momenton  de extraordinario control de fronteras



Dear ...........,


We hope this letter finds you safe and well.


As part of the Mapping Porous Borders Post Project, we are inviting friends who we know are interested in art, maps, and making things to participate in our project.


We explore the poetics of moving with, across distance / forms of being together, despite conditions of separation and isolation/ paradoxes of protection and control / in Chile to wear a handkerchief over your mouth was made illegal in an attempt to prevent outbreaks of social resistance after October 2019 but now pańuelas are needed to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 / we are mapping such paradoxes/ we are experimenting with moving with, when our borders are literally closed / we are measuring momentum pathways of toxicity and hope/ and we are inviting you to join us



This project involves sending a series of envelopes through the hands of five artists per envelope (25 in total), across the world, starting in NZ and ending in Chile. The envelope wants to keep us in touch, sharing physical contact through our shared practices of making things, and testing/ crossing borders in this time of pandemic. 


Here are the steps of participation:

1. The envelope will arrive. Place it in a calm part of your house. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Rest the envelope for two days, and photograph it resting in place.

2. After two days or so, open the envelope and explore its contents.

3. You are invited to take one of the blank pieces of paper and write/draw/ scribble/ diagram/ map etc a response to your particular world right now. You'll find some ideas for this on the inside flap of the envelope, but really, do whatever you want.

4. If you find something you like in the envelope you are welcome to keep it.

5. Photograph your contribution.

6. Alys and Máximo will send you the address of the next artist to send the envelope to, by email or message. For reimbursment for postage costs email Alys and she'll send funds by PayPal.

7. If possible, please make a short video of the moment when the envelope is released back into the responsibility of the postal service. Send these 3 digital documents (envelope resting, your contribution, video of envelope being posted) to and - or by social media or what's app if that's easier. You will be able to follow the journey of the envelope on


We send you our very best wishes, our best care and our gratitude for working with us,


Alys & Máx.

Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira

ML Khoury You Got Mail 3.jpg

Milia Khoury

South Africa