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Español, p.1, Français, p. 44, English, page 86

Guidebook to Projecto Cartón,


Led by Alys Longley, Macarena Campbell-Parra, Rolando Jara, Educardo Cerón-Tillería 

In collaboration with the Mapeo de Bordes Porosos project. 

Disrupting Zoom protocol: Traveling inside and out with Alys Longley and lo bil

Alys Longley and her colleagues’ workshop, language is an intangible bridge bounced across translations in French, English and Spanish, and invited participants to co-create through distance, scores, and experimental documentation with a common and versatile material: cardboard. Longley described the material as “both equalizing and accessible.” The cardboard brought about practical and poetic reflections about packaging, global shipping, temporality, social unrest, touch, housing and insulation for people without permanent homes, and much more.

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