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h u m a t t e r i n g

Choreographed by Alys Longley, h u m a t t e r i n g  folds together choreography, physical drawing in space and performance writing.  It tests some strategies for metaphysical travel, reflecting on the ache of longing to be with people far away, in a collaborative work with dancers Adam Naughton and alys Longley, live sound mixing by Kristian Larsen, lighting by Sean Curham, performance design by Jeffrey Holdaway and digital design in collaboration with Kate Stevenson from DotDot Design. This work is performed simultaneously for a live in-theatre audience, and as a virtual work beaming to the world through a web link. Live audiences will simultaneously witness a live performance, and the technical labour of filming it for livestream, where it is housed inside a bespoke digital exhibition, a precarious body of tilting maps and migrant constellations! In this performance work, the collaborators navigate through a series of performance scores which are framed in poetic terms:

are we the containers for time?

is everything meant to be slipping, through their own names?


are the names for these hours real containers?


are these shared arms or are they names?


are they holding us together or slipping us through light across the pacific ocean?


don’t you think that with what is here on Tuesday and what you on Monday hear everything is the same?


we are the same?


don’t you think we are the same?


are we the names that we give to our touches?


are our touches the same?

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